Ayano Shams

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At first glance, the AYANO bleu design seems like a modern oil painting, in which you can even find a delicate ikat pattern. On closer inspection, you may guess that it is a blurry landscape. The soft yet overlapping chalk lines in the design blur into an interesting striped pattern, which looks different from every perspective. AYANO bleu is more masculine in elegant dark colors such as lilac, violet, midnight blue as well as various shades of gray and green. AYANO gris, on the other hand, is the lighter version in purple, sunshine yellow and lime green, which blends with delicate rose highlights to create a harmonious soft color image.

100% extra long-staple cotton fiber -


King Sham 21x37

Standard Sham 21x27

Euro Sham 26x26

Boudoir Sham 12x16



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