Baby Blackfish Blanket

Baby Blackfish Blanket

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Product description

Our baby blankets are a safe choice - both for the children and the environment. This baby blanket is GOTS-certified, made from 100% organic cotton and free of pesticides. The baby blanket is roughened, which makes it soft and comfortable against the children's skin and in a playful design to be a pleasure to look at.

The material is easy to keep clean and very durable because our baby blankets are made to live with, year after year. A tip from us is to have two baby blankets close at hand, as we have learned that they may be needed at home so well in the stroller.

  • 100% organic cotton
  • Free from pesticides
  • Soft and comfortable to children's skin
  • Machine wash at 60°. Please use a hypoallergenic and organic fabric softener to maintain softness. Can be tumble dried for a short time (max 15 min) for best fluff and softness.

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