Cherubin Boudoir Sham 50% OFF

Cherubin Boudoir Sham 50% OFF

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  • CHERUBIN set is inspired by the art of Renaissance, and especially Mannerism. In this digital printed design contrasts of colours are enhanced. the scene worthy of a secular Mannerist painting is depicting a swarm of cherubs hovering in a dark sky as if carried in a fall gust with the leaves of the sacred Oaks and the branches of Gingko. Several narratives and symbols intermingle in a dreamlike atmosphere where aesthetic and imaginary freedom have no limits. Small quilted bedcover and cushions case are made of the same fabric on both sides and are finished with a beautiful Ochre yellow braid in piping.


    CHERUBIN set in « Cherubins » sateen cotton printed - 300TC

Made in Italy

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