Linen Wash Lavender

Linen Wash Lavender

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Product description

Luxurious for the laundering of luxury and everyday washable and colorfast linens. Especially formulated to protect fibers while preserving the original beauty of fine textiles. 

Le Blanc® Linen Wash® may be used on washable, colorfast, and organic linens as well as all cottons, synthetics, and blends. Safely launder antique linens, household bedding, table linens, lace, quilts, christening gowns, apparel, and more. We offer Linen Wash® in Original, Lavender and Fragrance-Free.

Technical Information

  • 64 oz. bottle
  • The Lavender fragrance stems from deep wild lavender laced with rosemary, bergamot, and rose. Its aromatic base of eucalyptus and cedar gently blankets laundry with a lasting classic fragrance.  


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