Fiori d'Italia Rance Soap

Fiori d'Italia Rance Soap

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Product Description:

Rance Fiori d'Italia Soap, which means 'flowers of Italy', is a very unique blend of flowers from the Tuscan region of Northern Italy. Not too floral, and not too herbal, the fragrance is just perfect for both men and women. 175g bar 

Rancé is a luxury perfume creator, so they use the very best fragrances in their soaps. Rancé soaps are considered the absolute TOP throughout the world for the exceptional quality and the fine intense perfumes.

About the product
  • hand made, triple milled; hand wrapped and presented in hand made box
  • absolute & natural ingredients chosen for their freshness and purity
  • Rancé soaps are appropriate for even the most delicate and sensitive skin types.
  • perfect for both men and women